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  1. Electrical
    I'm in the midst of buying switches for my ceiling light fan, and with so many types/models out there, I'm having a hard time keeping my head from spinning... Vizia RF? DZC??? :vs_worry: If someone could help me demystify what types I can or can't use for a dimmable fan/light switch, you'll be...
  2. Electrical
    Summary: I want to find a ceiling fan remote control kit that works with dimmable LEDs. In my house the above table dining room lighting is 2 wire. Given the distance and positioning of the switch, getting a 3 wire fished is pretty impossible short of opening the walls. So I want to use a...
  3. Electrical
    Hey guys, first post here.... I have been making DIY vids for my LED business and come here for advice, but have never posted. I want to share this install video. Hope you like it!
  4. Electrical
    I thought I would be able to find info about how to wire my new transformer but I'm not having any luck. I bought a Lightech LET 301 dimmable transformer, shown here:
1-4 of 4 Results