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  1. Safe to dig underneath insulated HVAC conduit for access to rest of crawl space?

    Building & Construction
    Hey there, First time homeowner here (well, my girlfriend's house, actually) We're wanting to wire some stuff using the crawl space. Got all ready with the correct panels and holes, etc. went into crawl space Now I'm realizing it's only about 3 ft clearance (if that) and the HVAC conduit is...
  2. digging trench through solid rock

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    We're digging a french drain system and hit solid rock for about 10 feet in length. We need to get about 1 foot deep through that length of rock and then its dirt again. What is the best option? Paying for a rock saw rental(really expensive) or jackhammering it? What's best. Please help...