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  1. Electrical
    Hi everyone, I'm Gion and I'm a DIY enthusiast. Unfortunately, I'm careless and several times it happened that something caught fire, especially in the kitchen. Fortunately nothing serious. That's why I'm thinking about a smoke detector. Online I found these devices that seem quite good. My...
  2. Electrical
    Greetings; I am faced with having to install 7 interconnected and hardwired detectors in a duplex / raised bungalow home. For fire code regulations all 7 - four on the main level in an insulated ceiling, and 3 in the basement ceiling will be all be inter-connected. I am aware of wiring...
  3. Remodeling
    Hoping for some help here... I have dropped my ceiling about 3 inches (from the original concrete ceiling) in order to fit wiring and pot lights between the new drywall and original concrete. Mounted on the original concrete ceiling is a smoke detector and heat detector. I am thinking to cut...
  4. Electrical
    Greetings everyone. I have an issue that I can't seem to find an explanation for anywhere. I've looked all over the net, and all over this forum and can't locate a similar concern. Here it is: I have a 2 socket motion detector outdoor fixture on my garage, works great but the bulbs burned...
  5. General DIY Discussions
    Posting for safety and awareness for those that may have these and did not know.
1-5 of 5 Results