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detached garage

  1. Sub Panel Help

    Hello all, it seems like you all have a lot of knowledge so I'm hoping you guys may be able to answer a few questions for me. Here's what I'm doing, I built a garage about 150' from my house and now am trying to run electric from my main panel in the house. I have a 150 amp main and a 100 amp...
  2. Sub-Panel for Garage or 3 Separate Circuits? Best Practices?

    Hello everyone. I want to add three new circuits to the attached garage (110V; 20A/15A/15A). The only way I can run them is outside the house in wall attached RMC . Between the (main) panel and planned conduit entrance to garage is approx 45-50 lf of conduit run. Question about best practices...
  3. Running Wire to Detached Garage?

    Hello All! I have been reading a lot of different forums trying to find an answer to my question but it seems there is a lot of different interpretation to code. Since all the questions I have seen vary slightly from what I need to ask I figure I will register and post. Here is what I PLAN to...
  4. Cable size to bury for outbuilding subpanel?

    Hello all. I am buying a rural property with a cabin on it and plan to convert a separate building about 40 feet away into another house (basically like converting a detached garage into an apartment). The main cable has a 200 amp main panel, and I want to run 240/120 volt, 100 amp service...
  5. Rewiring House Question

    Hi, I am purchasing a 1956 1 story stucco home with attic access and a low crawl space, the house needs a lot of work. Currently there is a 70 amp main with cloth sheath wiring. Per recommendations from inspector I'm planning to rewire the house, I was already going to add new fixtures...
  6. Sulphur smell in house

    We have a detached garage that was flipped into an apartment. There is a gravity feed line from the toilet to our residence where a sump pump (mascerator) ejects the waste into our home's sewer line on it's way to the street. Since the plumber installed this: 1. the pump kicks on every 10...
  7. Detached Garage Wiring

    I am closing on a house in two weeks and it has a detached three stall garage that doesnt have any power. In my simple rookie mind I thought that I would run a 20 amp line for the outlets and a 15 amp line for the lights, and to operate the two garage doors. I was planning on having two...