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defrost control board

  1. I C P defrost control board ???

    I have replaced the defrost control board on my heat pump. The old control board had a plug on it that is labeled "coil". The schematic shows it going to the sensor. The new control board does not have this plug. Can someone tell me where the wires would go on the new control board? The a/c does...
  2. Heat Pump Defrost Cycles - how often?

    Hello fellow DIYers. I am in southern Illinois and have a 20 y.o. heat pump. Earlier in the winter I had been having all sorts of trouble getting it to defrost, but solved the problem. It's all documented here...
  3. Older Carrier heat pump freezing over.

    Hi guys. We have a 1993 model 38YR036320 heat pump controlled by a Honeywell TH8320U1008 thermostat, and it's turned into a solid block of ice. We have been having this problem for the last three years, since we bought the house. We have had three different techs from two different companies...
  4. Trane HP aux heat comes when cooling satisfied

    I have a Trane XE1000 Heat Pump with 2 stage elect heat, which was installed new in 2001. For the past several months the unit has been cooling very well in these Texas 100deg+ days. But now when the room cooling setpoint of 72degrees is reached the AUX heater turns ON (along with the blue AUX...
  5. Trane Heat Pump Problems (heat instead of cool)

    I have a Trane XE1000 TWR036C100A Heat Pump from about 1998 with electric aux. heat. The blower motor was replaced in the summer of 2009 and I replaced the thermostat with an electronic one in the fall of 2009. Receintly the compressor fan was replaced and a new capacitor was installed (old...