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  1. 12x24 Gauged Slate in my kitchen

    Hello all, I am new to this community, and some of this info has been very helpful. I am about to lay Slate tile in my kitchen that has already been purchased, and noticed now (maybe too late) that the flooring may need reinforcing. The kitchen is on 2x8 joists (not sure wood type) @ 16'oc ...
  2. Deflect Computer heat for a "Data Furnace"

    I have a small technology business and have moved a rack of computers into my home from my office. These computers are duplicates of production machines for backup and replication use only, so they do not require a data center like environment. That said, they still run 24x7 and produce a...
  3. Welcome to my Apocalypse

    New Member Introductions
    Hey DIYr’s Let me jump right in and just explain why I ended up on here. Not meaning to sound unsociable. Just think this intro, for now, should serve more as a kind of sticky. I'll lighten up once you guys slap me out of panic mode. Simply put, my arrival here is about specifying a pair of...
  4. Movement in bathroom floor

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hi, I am looking for feedback for tiling my bathroom floor. The floor is approximately 5'x5'. The subfloor is 1/2" plywood over 2x10 joists (16" on center). The joists are around 9' in length. The existing subfloor is level and in good shape. The joists all seem to be level with no sag. I put...
  5. stair bounce reinforce stair

    Building & Construction
    We have stairs going down to finished basement that are carpeted on top but open underneath. There are 2 stringers on each side. When walking up or down the stairs they flex (bounce) a lot. I have tried screwing the risers into the treads. That helped a little. My question is what method would...