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  1. Basement Decoration ideas

    Interior Decorating
    Hi we have a nice kind a finished basement where we use some parts of it as a gym now and most of it is empty space. I would like to get some decoration ideas to fill our basement and make it cozy. I would also like to separate the gym area maybe with a some sort of glass door but not sure...
  2. Trying to learn about the DIY community

    General DIY Discussions
    Hey everyone! I am trying to learn about diy decorating, I am studying to be an interior decorator and would love to hear from you guys. What is your number one motivator to start a home decorating project? (personal passion, hobby, something broke,etc.) How do you prepare/ organize this new...
  3. Hard to Find Decoration

    Interior Decorating
    I am looking for a piece of decoration. The best way I can describe it is a roughly 1" thick cutout of a no smoking sign or the Ghostbusters logo without the ghost. The circle with the "line" across the middle of the opening. Would need it around 8" in diameter. I went to Hobby Lobby and the...
  4. Choosing a Color Scheme For Your Room

    Interior Decorating
    One of the most important elements to think of while remodeling or even building a brand new house is the color of your room. Your room personifies you and tells a story about your likes and tastes. At the same time, it has a direct impact on your state of mind. A color that appeals to you...
  5. Redecoration without painting in kids' bedrooms

    Decorating a kids' room could be tough. For parents, it can even present a costly challenge. As children grow, tastes can change and parents result in being asked to redecorate kids’ rooms again and again. Re-decoration doesn't have to mean emptying your banking account. Instead, you are able to...