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  1. Electrical
    I'm looking for a receptacle with the following criteria but I'm not sure whether it exists. I'd be grateful if someone would help me find one (I actually want five). I'm in the US. Duplex Preferably Commercial Spec Decora Light Almond And here's the seemingly hard part: Able to be wired from...
  2. Electrical
    I need screws for this decora levitron outlet to affix to the box. I need in long lengths, like 2" or 2.5". Could someone point me to where I can find exactly like these? Thanks,
  3. Electrical
    I am in the process of converting my recessed lighting to LED. Currently there are six lights on a decora maestro dimmer. I know that I need a LED/CFL compatible dimmer. I tried to find a new LED compatible decora dimmer, but all the LED/CFL dimmers are rated at 150w (3 of my new lights). Short...
  4. Electrical
    Hello all, I'm almost done replacing the builder's switches throuhout the house with decora and i have added timers for the bathrooms's fan. One of them though, is a three way switch (the builder added a switch on the main floor to turn off or on the fan on the second floor). I found a Leviton...
1-4 of 4 Results