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  1. Carpentry
    Firstly, Good evening everyone! Wink here from Southern Md. I look forward to helping you guys/gals out, I'm more experienced with the Electrical questions but love to do just about anything around the house. I currently am in the process of replacing my pressure decking with Guard Deck all...
  2. Building & Construction
    How many pieces of deck flashing would be required for a 128 square foot deck? please email me your answer to ***email address removed for your protection, ask questions here, get answers here.***
  3. Painting
    Good Moring DIYers! Hopefully this weekend we will be staining our fence and deck in preparation for our total back yard overhaul. Our "new" fence is a year old and was power washed last weekend. Since then we have had good weather (in the 70-80's) but it looks like a few sprinkles today...
  4. Building & Construction
    I'm planning on building a deck to go out by my pool. I was gonna use pt for the posts and joists and cedar for the actual decking. What do u recommend? Pt pine or cedar decking? Which will last longer? I was planning on sealing the cedar decking. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Building & Construction
    I am looking for a used hidfast gun for installing decking. One that works of course. New they are very expensive and do not want to pay the hefty price for one deck. Please contact me at 775-790-4325 if you have one you want to sell. Thank you, duke
  6. Building & Construction
    I have looked around and cannot find any tips on whether I should install the fascia or the decking first. Does it matter? I plan on having the decking overhang the fascia by an inch or so if that changes anything. It is also Trex decking. Thanks for the help.
  7. Flooring
    My landlord (a good guy) is planning to replace my nice old deck, with its asphalt flooring--which I use almost every day for sitting, gardening, and doing wood-working--with rubber decking materials, the popular EPDM, I assume. Can this rubber roofing material be flooring as well by itself...
  8. Building & Construction
    Doing 2nd floor fiberglass deck above living area. Do I HAVE to put baffles before putting in the insulation for ventilation?
  9. Building & Construction
    How to Build a Deck over Concrete Patio I have a 6-8 inch concrete patio in my backyard that is in good shape (no cracks) but unsightly. I want to build a deck right on top of the patio. The deck won't be elevated more than a few inches over the concrete. My questions are as follows: -First of...
  10. Building & Construction
    I'm trying to build a double level deck and have a question about notching 6x6 posts. The deck is going to be attached to the back of a row house with 2 6x6 posts 3' away from the house and about 12' apart. Another two 6x6 posts are going to be 15' from the house (also 12' apart), and thus 12'...
  11. Carpentry
    I was reading elsewhere about an outside project and there was reference to Pressure Treated timber and I'd like to ask the following. I have almost completed some replacement decking at the back of my property and have used PT timber. I had intended to 'colour' (English spelling) the boards...
21-31 of 40 Results