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deck repair

  1. Need advice on terrible (temporary) fix for rotting deck

    We have an older home that has 5 large decks (each about 400 sq. ft.) with 2x6 wood decking. In many places the wood is rotting and becoming unsafe. I need to get these spots fixed immediately. I can't afford (thank you COVID19) new decking so I want to lay down plywood or other sheeting then...
  2. Sinking deck posts

    Building & Construction
    Hi All. I am rehabbing a deck in southern Maine and would appreciate some ideas regarding solutions for the sinking and rotting posts, and inadequate footers. Deck dimensions and specs are below. The deck is attached to the house, with one single beam made of three 2x6's sandwiched together...
  3. Deck Floor Repair

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a fairly sizable two-level deck with the upper level going 50% around an octagon shaped above ground pool. I stain the flooring every year, the deck gets very high use between April and November. After 7 years I needed to start repairing boards…now at 9 years, I replaced 16 deck boards...
  4. Repairing a Poorly Supported Deck

    Building & Construction
    I recently bought a home and realized today that my deck is not supported by much at all, and it needs added support. I have built 3 new decks in the past year, as side jobs to my primary job, and know how to build a new deck to code. This deck (actually it's a screened in porch), though...
  5. built a new cedar deck used galvanized instead of screws should i replace all nails?

    Last week we built a brand new 10x16 deck onto the back of my house, we spent the extra $ and went with western red wood cedar. I had no idea we were supposed to use screws and the hardwood store sold us galvanized nails..electroplated, not hot-dipped! I had a carpenter in to do the railings...
  6. How to rebuild a porch with a roof?

    This porch has a roof over it all the way around it also has an area that sticks out of the corner that isn't a gazebo but looks similar to one that is also apart of the porch. What are risers? What are over hangs? What are hangs? I hear joists have to be 16 inches apart; how big do the joists...
  7. deck sway

    Building & Construction
    I am building a 13x16 deck attached to the house and based on slope of yard, goes from appr 4.5'-6' over ground. I am using 2x10 wood. my question is on the deck "Sway" that is parallel to the house- Any recommondations to reduce the sway? I was told to use 4x4 posts. Used simpson ties/post...
  8. Repair collapsed deck

    Building & Construction
    In the middle of dinner on the deck, the ledger board gave way. No one was hurt, but one side of the deck dipped about 5 feet. It is about 14'x10' deck. I have jacked it up, and placed a temp. brick column under the corner. The problem is that the ledger board has pulled away from the house an...