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deck joist

  1. Joist Gap on Deck

    Building & Construction
    Hi Folks, Figured Id post this to see what people with more experience have done :) I will update with pictures when I get a chance but here goes anyway... The deck has a slight shimmy, and there is a noticeable gap between most of the joists (2 x 10 I think...) and the house (ledger board...
  2. Deck joist crown up - cannot see it

    I am building a deck and I bought many 2x8 pressure treated lumber by hand picking them from local Home Depot, many of them are 8' and some of them are longer. I know that I need to put crown up for the joists, however I have been having so much difficulties in finding the crown. I can see...
  3. Deck Joists. Replace or Repair

    Building & Construction
    I am replacing the deck boards and railings on a older deck. On the first half I had no problems, but when I pulled off the old deck boards on the second half I noticed the joists looked a little worse for wear. They seem pretty dry and the area gets a lot of sun, but there is a lot of splitting...
  4. I have a question about deck joist.

    Building & Construction
    Is there a difference in using 8’ 2"x10" ptw as joist resting on beams to span 14’ or should I buy 14’ 2"x10" ptw to be used as joist? I have a small hatchback and can only fit 8’ planks of wood. I will have to rent a truck to get the 14’ 2"x10" ptw home. The 8’ 2"x10" ptw will be resting on...