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deck cleaning

  1. Stripping a deck after applying Behr DeckOver

    Hey guys, I need some advice. On the wife's request I coated the deck with this gawdawful stuff back 3 or so years ago. We followed all the instructions to the letter. Cleaned it first, let it dry thoroughly, applied the coats per spec. We were not in a hurry to get it done so we took our...
  2. Deck Restoration Project

    Deck staining project, I have this deck that hasn’t been cleaned or stain in six years. Some of the railing and boards may need to be replaces because of cracks and splinter (see attached pictures). I need to go ahead and stain the deck because I am trying to sell the house. I am going to...
  3. sanding deck, now what

    I appreciate the time you take to read this long post and share any advice you may have! Deck = 14x28 + privacy walls with lattice + 88 spindles + 8 steps SE Michigan 4' off the ground with open access on mostly 3 sides made of pine/cedar? .. whatever is cheaper for contractors 12 years old...
  4. Re-Stain Deck - Best Prep and What to use?

    I have a large deck that was stained by the previous owner. The previous stain was Behr Solid Stain Acrylic based. The finish has probably been on for around 5 years and it is peeling, fading and very dirty. I am leaning towards an oil based Cabot stain to refinish. I am also planning on...
  5. A deck cleaning idea

    Building & Construction
    I was wondering if the following would work well for a composite deck heavily stained with black mold. Power washing by itself never seems to really get it clean unless you go inch by inch. What if I mixed a bleach/water (or olympic deck cleaner, or whatever) together with something to thicken...
  6. Restain roof deck without damaging asphalt roof

    I am planning to restain a roof deck which sits upon a flat, asphalt roof. The deck has previously been stained with an unknown stain. I understand that I will need to clean, strip, and brighten before staining. I am concerned that whatever I use to clean, strip, and brighten will have...