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  1. Electrical
    Is there a dusk to dawn photocell sensor or a way to wire a photocell sensor in place of a single pole light switch in a scenario where only two wires come out of the wall, a black and a white? Our new home has a series of recessed lights under the eves of the home and at the end of the line is...
  2. Electrical
    In preparation for a basement finishing, I had my licensed electrician move my panel away from the service entrance. To meet code (distance from entrance to shutoff), he had to install a main shutoff outside, then run the cable to my 200 AMP relocated box (and which also has it's own main...
  3. Electrical
    My home is set up for 100 amp service. I'm wanting to install a tankless water heater, but my current setup can't handle it. Can I run another breaker box off the main cables from the main box, to give me another 100 amp service box? The new breaker box will then give me the needed 83 amps to...
1-3 of 3 Results