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  1. Painting
    Hey all, so I am redoing my dining room for thanksgiving (more like creating one 😅) and I am having issues with the paint. Originally the walls were painted pretty poorly, hundreds of tiny air bubbles and nicks and such (previously was rented out). So I sanded all the walls and then skim coated...
  2. Painting
    Just painted my guest bathroom today. It was more like pushing glue around. The coverage was terrible. Trying to cut in with a Purdy Nylox 2' brush was impossible. Covering a prior eggshell finish. Took the time to clean the walls with tsp too. So disappointed I just wasted $30. Will be going...
  3. Painting
    I am struggling with cutting in and not getting paint on everything or leaving brush marks; also, we are using two different colors in our room and the corners where the colors meet look horrible as the paint has bled under the painters tape (even the corner we used fingernail stuff to attempt...
1-3 of 3 Results