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  1. Hanging curtains

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi all, DIY novice here. So I drilled a 3/8in hole through my drywall so I could fit a 1/8in x 2in toggle bolt through it. However, there is not enough empty room behind the drywall to allow the 2in-long non-pointy screw that comes with the toggle to go all the way into the wall, or for the...
  2. Heat reduction in living room

    Windows and Doors
    Hi. I have an older home that faces east. I lost a shade tree a couple years ago in a storm. Now, the east sun really heats up the living room which has a 12 foot window. The house has its original windows. Someday I’ll replace this living room window (and others) but not right now. I’d like to...
  3. French door curtain ideas?

    Windows and Doors
    I have two french doors without curtains. I am trying to do something like this picture. It looks like an easy project, but as a newbie, I don't even know what knots and bolts I need to complete this task. I want it make it professional-looking. I need it to be openable, so that during the...
  4. Opinions/advice on window coverings

    Interior Decorating
    I recently purchased a new home that didn't come with any blinds or shades or drapery, which was fine, but now that I've re-painted or am mostly done re-painting all of the walls, it is time to be looking at blinds or shades or whatever. The only window so far that has anything is my living room...
  5. Help me to choose carpets and curtains

    Interior Decorating
    I Want some tips for make my bed room more beautiful, and how to choose carpets and curtains etc..?
  6. Flexible, wipeable coating for fabric?

    Interior Decorating
    We just got some thermal curtains to hang in the kitchen to help keep the house warmer. I'd like to coat the fabric with something I that I could easily wipe off cooking and fingerprint marks. What could I use to waterproof them that would remain flexible? In the past I have used regular...
  7. Am I drilling into plaster and lathe?

    Drywall & Plaster
    All I wanted to do was hang some curtains. I've got a cheap mounting kit from Target, with screws and plastic anchors and I started drilling a 3/16" hole in the wall. I got about half an inch in with no problem and then I hit something hard. It doesn't feel like metal, but then I have limited...
  8. Cafe Curtains in Finished Basement?

    Interior Decorating
    We are in the process of finishing the basement. Everything is looking great... except the windows. We struggle with the same problem as most people with finished basements, there are only small windows way up by the ceiling. I want to keep all the light in there that I can, but these...