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  1. Help with choosing the right curtain ceiling/wall mount

    Windows and Doors
    Hi team, I am looking for some help in attaching my curtains to my window. The issue that the setup is slightly particular. Please see attached a picture of what the window looks like. As you can see, the window goes right till the end of the wall so I can't really choose a typical wall mount...
  2. Good color pattern including black/white/tan

    Interior Decorating
    Hi all, I'm decorating my bedroom and am having some difficulty finding the right colors. The walls are a light tan (almost sand) color, and my trim is all white. My bedding is black and white with a box within a box pattern. There's also a ceiling fan which is completely black matte...
  3. Ideas for a simple room divider?

    Hello, Does anyone have any ideas for a light, simple design which would allow me to hang a light piece of fabric to divide a room? I have a small studio apartment, which is pretty much all pre-fab concrete (panelak). I would like to separate a corner of the main room by some sort of light...
  4. Angled Curtain Rods

    Interior Decorating
    I'm having trouble with finding a curtain rod that fits my living room window. There are 5 windows as shown in the picture. My wish list includes a continuous sheer from one end to the other. It will have decorative curtains on each end and a valiance to top it off. The problem is I may have...