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  1. Electrical
    Hi, First, thanks in advance for your assistance in helping me understand the following question that has me perplexed. Suppose there are two wires, A and B, a DC power source, and a light bulb. Suppose both wires A and B have zero (0) voltage difference between them and the ground of the...
  2. Electrical
    Hello All, First Time Poster- I am so glad I found this forum today. I've read through several threads and there seems to be tons of great info, but I wanted to get a little bit specific on my issue and see what some of you think. I am a mechanical engineer so I have some electrical background...
  3. Electrical
    Hello, in my house I have 2 breakers that are outputting 220v. Each breaker is 20 amps and I am wondering if the total current can be 40 amps or if it is only 20? Then what gauge wire will I need to support this power? Thank you!
  4. Electrical
    Hi all, I've been reading the forum for a little while and just registered. My wife and I recently bought our first home, built in 1937, which we believe is a kit house. We just had our basement refinished--it was previously and poorly finished--and I've got two electrical questions. (I...
  5. General DIY Discussions
    I live off grid and use solar to charge a large 24v battery bank for my electricity. I have tried using 24v automotive alternators but cannot figure out how to limit the current of the alternator. The battery bank is large so when the alternator kicks in there is a huge draw and it puts too much...
  6. Electrical
    I'm familiar with the amps x volts = watts. On many electronics, however, it gives a range for the volts, maybe 100-240 volts and then something like 1 amp for the current. Is this saying that the wattage in, say, Africa is higher than in the US? If it pulls 1 amp no matter, then would it be...
1-6 of 6 Results