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  1. Electrical
    I want to put crown moulding around top but the Potlight on right side is in the way. I’d like to just drywall over it but that’s not to code, yes? And we’re having an electrical inspection. What can we do? Without ripping out massive amount of drywall to properly remove the wiring? (Plus spray...
  2. Windows and Doors
    I'd like to trim the top of my new construction window with crown moulding. I can't find z flashing that has a wide enough lip. Do I have to fabricate my own flashing or is there an easier way, maybe using flashing tape or caulk?
  3. Carpentry
    I've always worked with painted moulding and caulk is clearly a wonderful thing. However, with natural wood, I'm finding it hard to hide the gap at the miter. I tried putty, but found it hard to get in the corners...very time consuming as well. Thought about mixing wood glue with saw dust...
  4. Painting
    Been a while since I posted.. lotta stuff going on.. but good to be back. Basic question, seems like I've found equal opinions both ways.. Paint crown before installing or after its on the wall? Thoughts? Reasoning? Experiences?
  5. Carpentry
    Hello y'all! This is my first post, and I just stumbled upon this website after researching what to do with the crown moulding/tray ceiling/darker paint situation my husband and I have going on! Let me first explain, then try to load some pictures... Our house had a very light, neutral paint...
  6. Interior Decorating
    Hello All Newbie here with some questions related to trim. Quick background is that I live in Northern California and my 1,500 sq. ft. home was built in 2004. The house' trim is semi-gloss I think and the color is Morrison White (Morrison is the home builder and Kelley Moore is the paint...
  7. Carpentry
    Gary Katz mentions in a DVD using finger joint 5/4 jamb stock as a backer for crown moulding but says nothing more about how it is used. I understand you can make triangular blocks or rip studs to give them a triangular dimension, but 1x? What is he talking about? I can see ripping a board...
  8. Carpentry
    I am hanging some 5 1/4" UMDF Crown w a 45 degree spring angle on a 9" wall with a 2 1/2" 15 gauge. The ceiling joists run parallel to the walls running one direction and the ceiling plate seems to stop about an inch short of the end of the ceiling run of the crown. Per an old post by KCTermite...
  9. Carpentry
    I finally got my first two boards of crown on the wall and am wondering if I should glue the corner. (Not until doing it do all the tips sink in.) This one was supposed to have a little miter cut at the bottom, but the point broke off so I cut it clean. I am not sure why the ogee in the middle...
  10. Carpentry
    This is my first board and I wasn't sure if it was a left hand inside cope. Since posting, I confirmed that it was correct. Now I just have to see how well it mates with the but of the next board. (Bottom shown against fence and bevel coped away.)
1-10 of 10 Results