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crawl space repairs

  1. Insulate and encapsulate crawl space - best practices

    I have researched all over the internet various methods of insulating and encapsulating my crawl space, but have not found an exact situation like mine and would appreciate feedback from those who have a lot of experience with crawl space insulation and encapsulation. My house has a crawl space...
  2. NC Code Question

    Building & Construction
    I live in North Carolina, There is a beam that was replaced under my house because it was rotted. But the people that did the repairs knocked out the old masonry pier that use to join the two beams. They installed a Akron adjustable jack post in its place. I thought that Code says you can't...
  3. Repairs required in crawlspace

    General DIY Discussions
    I own a home in the far north, and have a small heated crawlspace under the house. (The house itself is on pilings so the whole thing, crawlspace included is up off the ground a few feet). A section of this crawlspace floor has obviously seen some water in the past and needs to be replaced. I am...
  4. crawl space repair

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I have a house with a crawlspace (12" deep). The floors are substantially dropping at the outer edges. The portion of the house that has a crawl space is roughly 20'x20' and the 2 far walls(front and back) do not appear to be sagging. Originally we thought the footings to be sagging but...
  5. Converting Vented Crawl Space to Unvented/Conditioned

    Building & Construction
    Hi, My home was built in the 1970s with a full basement; however, in the early 1980s two extensions were added using crawl spaces, rather than digging out a full basement. Each crawl space is vented, one has a dirt floor, the other is over the old concrete patio (which has multiple cracks)...
  6. How to Fix a Raised Floor Joist??

    Building & Construction
    I just pulled up some old carpet in my living room to replace with tile, and noticed that I have a floor joist that has risen and caused a crackline in the subfloor. It is not a bad spot and was not even noticable when the carpet was down, but I'm concerned that the tiles along this ridge will...