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cracks in concrete

  1. Concrete Repair Advise

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I need your help to advise me how to repair severe surface cracks while building my house. The cracks appeared due to a mistake during the casting of a fresh concrete on site to build above grade slab for the first floor (ground floor ceiling). the cracks appeared on the surface withing 24Hrs...
  2. Basement Floor leaks, help please

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I hope this is the right place to post this… My wife and I bought our home around 1.5 years ago and have had water issues coming from the walls and a crappy chop/patch job from the realtors contractor. We have just foamed the walls a few weeks ago (pictured) and it has definitely done the...
  3. settling foundation, many issues...including patio

    Building & Construction
    My neighborhood was built in 1978 (Park City, KS) on a slope of buried rubble, and consequently my home's foundation has been shifting. Due to the unusually dry weather my area has experienced this year and last, we have experienced a lot of shifting and cracking lately. The most obvious is in...
  4. Help stone over concrete slab

    Hello: I am new here but this looked like the right spot for information. I have a house that is here in Tucson think hot and Dry. The house is on a concrete slab. When we bought the house it had tile and carpet that were placed when the house was built. There were no broken tile however some...
  5. Water coming up through cracks in basement

    I have been looking around and mostly finding threads and how to's on water coming through walls. We have recently purchased our home and we are getting water in our basement. I can stand over the cracks after a good rain and literally watch the puddles of water form at the cracks and seams...