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  1. Electrical
    Hi folks, I'm installing a cove heater with a rear knockout about 5 inches from the ceiling and 8 inches from the stud. The feed is MC and the box is steel. A four-foot run of 3/8" flex is installed from the thermostat box directly up the stud, then over and out through the drywall. Access...
  2. Carpentry
    Struggling to cut this large cove crown. Overall height is about 6.5" and the saw has no problem cutting any angle (dual bevel 12" slider saw). The problem is that the spring angle is different between top and bottom of this crown so cutting a left outside corner works fine, but right outside...
  3. Carpentry
    Hi guys, I just installed some cove moldings on my existing oak staircase in my 1960 home. The stairs appear to have had cove moldings under the treads at some point in their history (based on pattern seen in paint). I'm guessing they were removed when the stairs were carpeted in the past...
1-3 of 3 Results