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cost estimating

  1. Bathroom plumbing installation

    I need help. Overview of our home: 3 bed 1 bath 1949 Bungalow with a finished basement. Current basement is split 50/50 between a living space and a long laundry room/utility room. I want to convert the laundry area to a bathroom with a laundry closet. I've had the drawings rendered and that...
  2. Labor Costs for Ceramic Tile Work?

    Hello Everyone - I'm trying to evaluate an estimate for a job - can someone provide some ballpark pricing per square foot for laying down ceramic tile in a basement ? Price would not include tile/grout - There is a approximately 1200 SQ FT of slab that needs to be covered. I understand more...
  3. concrete slab for garage

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    i am wondering what steps i need to go through to lay my own concrete slab. i have seen it can save you a lot of money to do it yourself and even though i know it could be more costly if i mess up i want to get advice from professionals or others that have done it successfully before. please let...
  4. What is Average cost per sq ft to replace siding?

    Building & Construction
    We have a home built in 1998, constructed with Weyerhauser -"LP like" siding. 45ft long 2 story east wall, no belly band no window wrap, 3 windows, one fireplace wrap.. Our contractor is charging 6000 USD for tear out, debris removal and paint. Is this a fair price? What is the average cost to...
  5. Two part question - novice alert

    Building & Construction
    Greetings, I am new to this site. I have a two part question. The first is a cost question which I apologize for in advance as I know that these are hard to respond to. With that said, I am looking to purchase a new home in the inner-ring DC area early next year. A family member will need to...
  6. How much should I pay???

    General DIY Discussions
    :help: :surrender: Can some one tell me how much they would pay a teenager to clean pine needles off an aluminum roof and out of the gutters. The roof is shingled, not paneled, and I can't find any instructions on how to walk on it. :wallbash: So if anybody has information about that too...
  7. cost estimate for building a new home

    Building & Construction
    What is a good source for cost estimating the building of a home?