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  1. Proper extension cord for indoor 48 inch fluorescent/grow light?

    I need to replace a cord that connects a 2-light 48-inch fluorescent lighting fixture to the outlet. I don't know much about this except that I should know what the amps are in the lighting fixture, but there is no label on the fixture to read. The fixture has a three-prong plug, and the...
  2. Extension cord blew out an outlet

    I just installed a Tracklife 50ft Extension Cord Reel that I mounted to the garage ceiling. Plugged in my 10 in table saw, turned it on. Bam. It ran for 1 second, then shut off. I've used this table saw for years in the garage with other extension cords in other garage outlets, no issues...
  3. Power Cord w/Built-in Junction Box -- Why?

    My new Bosch dishwasher came with a too-short power cord that had a built-in junction box. They offer a much longer cord but it has no junction box and that cord doesn't have my model # in its models-supported description even though the dishwasher-connecting end clearly matches to my model. I'm...
  4. Lamp cord instead of hard wiring vanity lights

    Hi all, I wanted to brighten up my relatively dim bathroom and thought to put up a vanity light bar. That particular vanity bar is meant to be hard-wired, but I don't have the tools, knowledge, or permission (I'm a renter) to do that. So I thought it would be easier to buy a lamp cord with a...
  5. Upgrade dryer wiring

    Hello, thank you for letting me join this forum. I have two questions and appreciate all the help that anyone offers. First the background: Was asked to troubleshoot a dryer and discovered the wiring was 12-2 on 30A breakers, so disconnected the wires. Now the owner is asking me to upgrade the...
  6. 3 Wire Range to 4 wire junction

    I purchased a new GE drop-in countertop cooktop and it came with a 3 wire cord, (black, red and bare). The connection it would go to is 4 wire, (black, white, red and bare). Is it possible to connect to this? The stove wire came with a warning label saying to ONLY CONNECT TO A 3 WIRE...
  7. What type of electric cord is this? Need converter cable.

    I need a converter cable, but I cannot find the one I need. The cord I have (see attached image) obviously won't fit into the standard wall outlet. WHAT TYPE OF CABLE DO I HAVE AND WHERE CAN I FIND A CONVERTER CORD FOR IT?? The cord is for a pump on my well system; the water in my...
  8. Tanning bed 3wire cord to 4wire

    So I'm trying to convert the original three wire cord to a 4 wire. The problem I'm running into is, in the original cord, there is a white, black and green wire, and that's it. the new cords has black, white, green, and red. i don't know what I'm supposed to do with the red cord. There are only...