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  1. Electrical
    Looking to convert a cubicle's power whip to a 3 prong input rather than hard wiring to the building's power. It has 8 wires coming out of the whip. I've attached a copy of the closest schematic i was able to find: Just not sure which wires to use on each 3prong, and how many prongs i need. I...
  2. Remodeling
    i have a question regarding my detached garage which seems to be lacking proper ventilation for a person to use as a living space. The garage gets really hot(especially the attic which is extremely humid). There is a regular door and a garage door but no other way for air to come in or escape...
  3. HVAC
    What is involved in converting a single zone HVAC to a dual zone system using one compressor? Given all my existing parts will remain and no new condenser or evaporators will be added, I assume it will require a baffle/damper to direct the air to up/down/both areas depending on which thermostat...
  4. Electrical
    Today i purchased some used woodworking equipment. When I got home i discovered that two of the pieces of equipment were 220v. As I dont have 220v can i convert the equipment to operate on 110v?
  5. Building & Construction
    I recently bought some land with a really nice 25x55 "wood pole barn" (I think thats the term). It is only a couple of years old, solid, with a new metal roof. I want to convert it into a house but I am concerned about the foundation. It was built with 4x4 posts set directly into the ground. I...
  6. Green Home Improvement
    :eek: I am about to re-shinghle my roof and am trying to go as 'green' as I can in this day and age. I thought simce I'm getting my roof re-shingled this summer, why not save the shingles and have my dirt driveway surfaced by converting the shingles. I was curiuos if anyone had an idea of how I...
  7. HVAC
    Our condo has 1-pipe steam which we want to convert to 2-pipe water using "single entry injection valve" (see ) technology. We plan on using pex and bypassing the old system entirely. Has anyone done this? Are there contractors who specialize in this?
1-7 of 7 Results