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  1. Building & Construction
    I’m in such a mess I don’t know what to do. Sorry this is lengthy. And I’m having problems with pictures loading. A lot going on. First, my home is a 1400 sq ft rambler. 2 bd- 2 bath. comes the judge! I called in when Jeff had a talk show for the people of Texas. I’m going through a...
  2. Electrical
    I have a contract with a contractor that states the following (as part of the larger contract: "Each kitchen will have five circuits installed (fridge, micro, 2 at counter, and one installed but not activated for disposal)" He didn't calculate the fact that these additional circuits would...
  3. Building & Construction
    I'm planning to remodel my home and I am looking for professional contractor. So where can i leave a post about my project? Can anyone please help me about this and i would appreciate any advice you can offer.
  4. Roofing/Siding
    Contractor is doing a tear off then re-roofing and installing aluminum fascia & soffit. I only do electrical and some smaller home projects so my question is does this look correct? The shingles look lumpy to me but I'm told they will lay flat in 1-2 weeks after warm weather (BS?).
  5. Insulation
    I have had several contractors give estimates and tell me stories about my house I know to be untrue. I may be a 60 year old widow, and look vulnerable, but I worked for quite a few years in theater construction (professionally), so i know my way around a few tools and ladders. Here is the...
  6. Building & Construction
    Hi there This is my first post. I'm beginning my first ever remodel on a townhome in Los Angeles. It is undergoing remediation for mold, then everything will need to be replaced. My husband will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant and I will now have to deal with everything myself. I have...
  7. Plumbing
    I have a contractor doing a kitchen renovation in my house and yesterday one of the crew put a screw through a copper pipe. Last night I looked at the pipe and see that they used some dark gray putty that hardened around the pipe. I'm not sure what this material is, but will ask when they...
  8. General DIY Discussions
    I desperatly want to build a 400 sq ft edition on top of my Ranch home with bathroom and steps going upstairs. I gotta assume the cost would be between $10k - 15k. ? I need to find GC's who accept Credit Cards.
1-8 of 10 Results