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  1. New vanity, first time DIY. HELP!

    Hello. I recently installed a new vanity in my guest bath. Seemed like it was going to be so simple. Unfortunately, I've been trying to connect the drain to the wall. The p trap and piping (outside of the sink drain) is 1.5" and would connect into the wall without issues. The issue is the...
  2. Connecting LED lights of different colors and voltages?

    Good afternoon, I want to assemble a panel of lights of different colors for the lighting of my living room :smile:. The only thing I know of electricity is that: there are different cables for different resistors for different voltages according to use. I have the idea of order of LED lights...
  3. Must I solder old wire connections?

    Thank goodness for a site that provides such consumer DIY advice! :thumbup: Through one link I've discovered that a GFI between old and new wiring will protect the circuit. But I've also read that the proper way to join the old cloth-wrapped two wire cord is by solder. Does this apply to...