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condensor fan
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  1. HVAC
    I have a Rheem condenser unit. About once every other day, the condenser fan will stop running even though the the rest of the AC system is still running (at which point the AC blows warm air). I can make everything run correctly again if I turn the AC off with the thermostat and then turn the...
  2. HVAC
    My fan on my A/C compressor unit seems to start and even spins up to a reasonable speed, although not quite the speed at which it ought to spin, but then 5 seconds later slows down to a very low speed where you can almost see the individual blades. The run capacitor was clearly blown (the top...
  3. HVAC
    Hey guys, long time no see! I believe I have posted our old boiler system on here, I can't remember for sure. But, here is a post for our antiquated A/C system for the first floor. So, our A/C was running fine until it just stopped. My grandpa told me that the lights flickered, and the system...
1-3 of 3 Results