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condenser motor

  1. Trane XE 1200 Condenser Fan Motor

    I've got an XE 1200 model TTP048C100A1 that has worked pretty well for 23 years. A few minor repairs here and there, but nothing major. I have recently noticed that when the compressor unit is running the fan motor makes a clunking rattling sound. It starts and runs great, but while running...
  2. Fedders condenser broke - fan not working

    Woke up this morning and thermostat was set to 75 but temp was 85. The air handler was working and vents were blowing air but not cold. Went outside and condenser isnt working, the fan isnt blowing. Reset the breaker, didnt help, checked condenser with voltage tester and it is getting power. I...
  3. AC unit is blowing warm air..

    Greetings all I have an old Tempstar roof unit. I don't know a thing about HVAC so I can't tell you if it's a heat pump or AC unit. It also supplies heat so would this make it a heat pump ? I hate being ignorant on a subject but I just don't know. Any way heres the problem. Last week the unit...
  4. Bryant Compressor Squeel - video

    I have a Bryant model 597CNO36-D compressor outside that is regularly tripping the house panel breaker and then after the breaker is reset, it will run, but periodically make a loud screeching noise. I believe it is the fan making the noise, but I am not certain. I have shot the following 37...
  5. Condenser Motor Tango Uniform?

    I have a Comfortmaker 10 that's been here longer than I have, so it's more than 10 yrs old. The landlord has looked after it until recently, now it's on me. A while back the outside fan motor began to have trouble spinning. I could give it a "push-start", and it would then kick in and accelerate...