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condenser fan

  1. Problem with condenser fan

    Greetings All - Hoping to get some direction on how to tackle this issue. New capacitor installed New contactor installed Verified 240 volts to contactor Verified proper amps to the condenser fan Verified condenser fan is good through OHM test The condenser fan struggles to start spinning...
  2. Goodman Condenser Fan Motor Part Number (tech tried to rip me off)

    Hi All! I had a tech come out today due to a fault being thrown by my Goodman 2-stage heat pump (split system). Code was for outdoor coil temp sensor. Tech indicated that condensor fan was not running at full capability when system was in high mode causing the condenser coil to over heat...
  3. HVAC Condenser not working

    I have a Carrier Infinity System. On this, the day temperatures reached 95, my AC stopped working. Here are the symptoms: The thermostat says "Infinity System - System Malfunction Call Technician". The condenser outside is spinning, but slowly, and only after I gave the unit a little nudge. I...
  4. Where does an ac capacitor wire go?

    I am trying a couple of things before I call my HVAC guy. Inside ac unit is working fine but not blowing cool air. I checked the inside air filter and it needed cleaning. Was hoping that was all the problem was. Air flow seemed to increase but still not cold air. Outside fan of old Chrysler...
  5. condenser fan motor went out

    So i have to replace the condenser fan motor, it wont spin freely and it looks like the bearings are worn out. The old motor says it is a 1/4hp with 2.2 FLA(full load amps), 208/230V, PH1. It does not say what the rpm's are and neither does the fan blade. So i found on Grainger two motors that...
  6. Fedders condenser broke - fan not working

    Woke up this morning and thermostat was set to 75 but temp was 85. The air handler was working and vents were blowing air but not cold. Went outside and condenser isnt working, the fan isnt blowing. Reset the breaker, didnt help, checked condenser with voltage tester and it is getting power. I...
  7. Compressor dead??

    Hello all, in need of some much needed help. I have a 3 ton Aireflo unit that has been acting up. I had the unit recharged recently due to an on going known leak in the coil in the attic. The tech recharged the unit and all was well for 2-3 weeks. However now, I have noticed that while it is...