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  1. Painting
    My home was built in 1945, and based on my best detective work, I suspect that the concrete porch (covered but open to the elements on 2 sides, no direct sunlight as it faces north and there is a big tree shading the northwest side) was first painted a lovely shade of dark hunter green sometime...
  2. Painting
    Hi, I would like to paint a 10x10 outdoor chess board on a driveway to a backyard shop. I'm not sure what would be best to use. Some ideas would be pool deck paint or concrete stain...What do you think? Thank you, Susan
  3. Painting
    We just closed on a house for my son to live in while he finishes college and goes to law school. The basement is all finished, too, and two of his friends will be living down there. The basement floor is concrete; looks like it was acid-washed (maybe?), but has peeled and looks horrible, and...
1-3 of 3 Results