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  1. How to Repair Garage Floor Cracks Where Door Hits/Meets Driveway

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello! I am trying to repair the edge of my concrete floor in the garage- right where the garage door comes down and it meets the driveway. There is a gap in the area when the door is closed and during the winter it lets in all the cold air and sometimes moisture. There is a bedroom above the...
  2. Water got through concrete sealer cracks when cleaning, leaving dark spots

    Hello, I was sealing my concrete floor with water based poly. I was going to apply 3 coats, but after 2 coat I decided to clean the floor with lukewarm water as there was some dirt on the floor. After I applied water, I saw that there were some dark water spots around cracks and small holes...
  3. How do I match 4mm Click Lock LVT height to 5/8" laminate floor on Concret slab

    I decided to lay 1/4" hardie board and tried to use a 1/2" tooth trowel for the thinset, so it would give me another 1/4" thickness and total 1/2" underlayment. So when I add the 1/8" Click Lock Vinyl tile it would meet up with the 5/8" thick Laminate flooring next to it. But when I went to do...
  4. Re Staining Concrete Flooring

    I am about to purchase a home with concrete flooring throughout. The concrete is stained and I don't like the color. I am sure that this is a DIY project but I am struggling to find guides. I have seen acid stained concrete floors that have cool overlays or areas where chemicals have reacted...
  5. level concrete without removing asbestos tile

    I own a rambler that was built in the 1950's and is slab on grade so the subfloors are all concrete. An addition was put on in the 1980's that is also slab on grade. In total there is about 1600sf of concrete floors that I would like to flatten so I can install a floating engineered wood floor...
  6. Large height difference in concrete bathroom floor

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have removed the floor and internal cladding of a bathroom to allow replacement of all drain and water pipes. It's a timber frame on bricks with (removed) concrete floor. I've discovered that the highest point of the bricks under the baseplate is about three inches higher than the lowest...
  7. Concrete floor grinding??

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have an approximate 6 x 8 hole in a 4" thick concrete pad that was originally for a storm shelter installation. We aborted that plan and the hole was filled with gravel and packed, rebar drilled into existing pad, bonding agent used, etc, but the finish on top was somewhat low around the...
  8. Indoor concrete floor smoothing options?

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    We have terrible carpet in our apartment. Repairs made to this place are either done wrong or never done so we got the go ahead to do anything that needs to be done and cost of materials will be taken off the rent. Our concrete slabs are pitted, cracked, and there are tack strip holes. What are...
  9. remove old paint from concrete basement floor

    I have a home built in the 50s and the concrete floor is covered in an undesirable paint color. I would like to remove it mechanically and I'm wondering what some good methods are? I want to get it back to bare concrete. Thanks!
  10. Toilet on conrete - floor clearance

    This is in my basement workshop. Despite careful planning:whistling2:, when I poured the replacement concrete in the trench for the drain on my new toilet installation, I ended up with a clearance issue. I'm sure it was the result of adjusting the run of 4" pipe for proper fall on its way to...
  11. Funky Odor in Garage

    Building & Construction
    Hi there! A friend of mine recently bought a townhome. His garage has this funky - almost rotten garbage - type smell. He had the lower half of the drywall removed to see if there were any dead critters in the walls which ended up just being a waste of time and effort. Two things we...
  12. Basement Concrete As Shower Floor?

    I"m exploring my options for my basement shower and since I've ripped out all the existing concrete I wonder if it will save me many steps by just repouring the new floor with the area the shower will be on with a gentle slope towards the drain and pour epoxy over the slab aftewards for...
  13. sonotubes under a concrete slab

    Building & Construction
    anybody ever heard of pouring a concrete slab over a sonotube enclosed area. Such as a 24 x24 garage. Place sonotubes around the perimeter and then pouring the concrete slab. The sonotubes would maybe act as a frost wall. Ok heres your chance to tell me im an idiot
  14. Pocket door frame touching concrete floor question

    General DIY Discussions
    We are framing our basement which has a concrete floor. All of the walls we've assembled have pressure treated lumber at the base, per code. We have just put together the pocket door frame and I realized that the frame (wooden) is not treated and is only separated from the concrete floor by a...
  15. Below grade vinyl - hd allure?

    There's a 20+ page thread elsewhere on this subject -TMI - so i thought i'd try a reset. serious water downstairs in our bi-level a few weeks ago - tore up about 500 sq ft of berber, padding and vinyl tiles...$165 just to get it hauled away...been obsessing on the net since then on how to...
  16. Porch Flooring Recommendation

    Hi, I'm in the design phase for building a new porch. I've been reading through these forums trying to find an idea which will work for me but haven't quite found a thread which will work. I live in Seattle, WA. My existing front porch is over my basement and when we get a good rain here...
  17. Prep for tile on slab

    I'm installing ceramic tile flooring on concrete slab. The floor was poured in 1957, so I don't know if there is a sealer on it or not. We removed some old asphalt tiles and adhesive (yuk) and the clean concrete still has a little sheen on it. What further prep should I do? Do I need to etch...
  18. Flooring nightmare - need help

    Hi I have a big mess on my hands - hope someone here can help. This is an old 1930's house, but the room I refer to must have been done more recently...maybe the 60's...? I have what must have been a carport or garage at one point. The original owners enclosed it and put down some sort of...
  19. Footer Requirements

    Building & Construction
    Does a 10x22 out/storage building (normal 2x4 construction) with a concrete floor require a footer?
  20. HELP! I did not use treated wood. Any solutions?

    I am finishing my basement and forgot to use treated wood on the floor and walls where it touched the concrete. Is there anyway to fix this problem other than totally replacing all the boards? The inspector said there is a product you can use to paint on the wood to make it treated. I can not...