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  1. Retaining wall Bowing and earth above sinking

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Retaining wall Bowing and earth above sinking.. please help contractor, set a base, set draining pipes and leveled and graded .. maybe he did not compact enough ? since wall is moving can i anchor it down and then top fill and compact ? also we received torrential rainfall over last week and...
  2. Building a shed on a Slope

    Building & Construction
    Plan is to build a 16x16' floating slab in the backyard. Unfortunately, I had this grand idea without measuring anything that the slope wasn't a huge deal and the retaining wall wouldn't be too tall. After digging and leveling the subgrade, the retaining wall would be about 4' tall. The slab...
  3. Pool In-Fill

    Building & Construction
    I am filling in my in ground, vinyl lined, metal sided pool. I pulled a permit and I have to punch holes in the bottom to allow for a positive waterflow, which I have done per code. Now after removing the metal sides I want to fill it with dirt. It was an 8,000 gallon pool, and is 6ft deep...
  4. Compact flourescent interactions??

    The source of this problem is in France, but I think that there is no national difference in this case. We have a long hallway in which there are four light fittings which are all switched via a single bistable relay with several buttons along the walls. Most of the time it all works fine -...