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common wire

  1. A/C to Thermostat Wiring

    I have an A/C unit that is currently wired to my nest thermostat using 4 wires. No Common wire. there is an unused wire in the bundle of wires. Can I simply connect it to C on the A/C unit and then to C on the thermostat to add a common wire?
  2. ecobee | 7 Wire Diagram | Safe-T-Switch | | Common Blue Wire (C)

    If anyone can look at this diagram and let me know how I can connect my "C" (Blue) unused wire to get my ecobee working is appreciated. I tried connecting the "BLUE" to the "C" (while red and white) is already there connected from the A/C and that burned my fuse (3 amp), ended up replacing it...
  3. Is it OK to run hotwire through single pole switch?

    I am adding a light to a pole. Because of where the switch is and some wires that are already in place it would be most simple to run the hot wire through the single pole switch rather than the common. I am no expert but from reading I see that generally the common is routed through the...