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  1. ComfortMaker RPJ II furnace blinking 6 times

    I have a ComfortMaker RPJ II gas furnace with a light blinking 6 times when it tries to startup. I'm trying to figure out what likely needs to be replaced. It was installed in 1993. The furnace doesn't start whenever the light is on, but the furnace has started enough times (when the light...
  2. Installing PN A134 inducer assembly

    My furnace motor is cracked, & told also blower fan may need to be replaced. I found p/n, ordered part will this be complicated to replace myself or shall I call tech to replace? Anyone have idea cost to install or how to install myself. Bought home & was lied to about age of unit...
  3. Furnace Filter Question

    Good Afternoon- Our previous furnace was installed weird and had no filter. It is up in our attic. Last year we spent some serious coin and got a new one. I assumed someone else who was here when it was installed knew where the filter was, and had been changing it. The company we purchased it...
  4. Comfortmaker RPJ2 igniter and transformer output

    I have a Comfortmaker RPJ2 that went out today. The blower will start up but the igniter (Q3400A 1040) would not heat up. I replaced the igniter/sensor and it ignited once then would not work again. I checked the voltage of the leads of the igniter from the gas valve and there is power during...
  5. combustion fan making noise

    the combustion fan on our comfortmaker is out of wack and the fins of the fan blade rub on the furnace or fan housing. they dont sell just the fan, you have to buy the whole assembly. i fixed it a couple of years ago by using a screw driver to bend the blades with out taking it apart. does...
  6. Moved thermostat - Now no heat.

    I have relocated a thermostat that controls a ComfortMaker Model C9MPV075F12C1. The furnace functioned properly prior to the move. I was very careful in reconnecting the wires the same way they were disconnected. When the thermostat calls for heat, it clicks on, but nothing happens now at the...
  7. Comfortmaker furnace issue: advice on how to proceed?

    I am a homeowner having trouble with a Comfortmaker furnace, and I am not trying to repair it myself (so don't worry). But I do need some advice. I've been working with one HVAC repair firm, but they haven't been able to solve the problem. This is a two-stage Comfortmaker gas furnace. It's in...