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  1. PC's, Phones, Tablets, and Gadgets
    Just about a week ago, Comcast turned on, an unknown to me, transmitter in the modem I am renting from them. It would broadcast a free, (to Comcast users), WI-FI connection for Comcast users to use. If someone was not a Comcast user, they could pay about $20 a week to use the hotspot in my home...
  2. Electrical
    At my new house, I noticed Comcast has a poorly installed cable line running to my house. I don't use Comcast and God willing never will again. The cable line stretches from the utility pole, across my neighbors yard, and hangs low to the ground above my driveway finally connecting to my...
  3. PC's, Phones, Tablets, and Gadgets
    I am having an issue, right now I have 1 modem (issued from comcast), connected to a wireless router for 4 PCs (2 desk tops and 2 laptops both wireless) my 2 desk tops are wired, one upstairs one down. I also have my PS3 and micro cell tower plugged into the router. The computer upstairs is...
1-3 of 3 Results