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  1. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Those are walls from 3 different buildings. 1: 2: 3: Also I'd appreciate an example photo of dried and weathered mortar of 1 cement, 1 lime putty, 6 sand.
  2. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    what sealer can I use on quarry tile, flexible caulk grout and also modified grout to make it darker and more enhanced? Preferably an all in one pr(Pictured below) I used this same color and brand of grout on my hearth (close up/zoomed in photo with grey tile pictured below) and it looks...
  3. Painting
    I recently remodeled a kitchen in my duplex and I would some input on the color I should paint the walls! I'm painting the trim a cream color, the same as the cabinets. As you can see, I was testing a shade of green and I'm just undecided. Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Phil
  4. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello. Can you add colored grout to ready to use concrete mix to change it's color? Thanks, Darren :vs_worry:
  5. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I just refaced a red brick fireplace with fieldstone stone veneer. I would like to use a color enhancer to "brighten" the stone. Does anyone out there have a suggestion as to what product might be the best. Menards has a product called Miracle 511 but the guy I talked to was a kid and didn't...
  6. Painting
    Hey all, so I am redoing my dining room for thanksgiving (more like creating one 😅) and I am having issues with the paint. Originally the walls were painted pretty poorly, hundreds of tiny air bubbles and nicks and such (previously was rented out). So I sanded all the walls and then skim coated...
  7. Painting
    Flooring: The color flooring I'd like is the one pictured on the left. I'm looking for a good matching wall color to go with this lighter shade of hardwood flooring. The crown molding is off white and the ceiling is pure white. The baseboard molding can be painted whichever color, I'm also...
  8. Painting
    Hi. I'm in a transitional phase, from artistic to industrial paint. Naturally, I have little idea of their special characteristics, and after a research through the internet and general opinions, I still haven't found some more specific answers - so bear with me. I'm about to use paint to...
  9. Painting
    Shame on me for trusting Behr. I tried their brand new Deck Over because the Behr rep was in Home Depot when I was desperately looking for a paint/coating to go over an old concrete porch that we'd tried chemically and with power washing to remove all old paint. We got it smooth enough to...
  10. Interior Decorating
    Hey everybody, I was looking for some new kitchen remodeling ideas. I would like to make my space look bigger but also have some extra storage space. I was thinking adding some kitchen cabinets but I'm afraid that would make my kitchen look crowded. Also, maybe you have some thoughts regarding...
  11. Electrical
    I looked at the NEC 2014 draft, section 200.6 and it says that grounded conductors should have either a gray or white finish. Yet all over the Internet it says ground wires are green, plus ground screws for appliances are green.
  12. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi, My wife and I recently moved into our first home and there were a lot of cracks (or missing chunks) of mortar on our front steps. I went to home depot to get tips on how to repair, and they recommended I use this stuff...
  13. HVAC
    Here is a picture of both units. If anyone can help me,im just not sure where to connect blue on the new unit. Also, do i need the jumper between w and y on the new like that?
  14. Painting
    Paining my hall way (upstairs and down). Should the short (3-ft) angle above the first few stairs be wall color or ceiling color? It's the portion under the closet in the room above stairs. I'm leaning towards ceiling color but wondering what the consensus says. Thanks
  15. Interior Decorating
    Hi We recently had to rush to get our kitchen floor redone from vinyl tile to a darkish-brown hardwood due to water damage. The current wall color is a pastel pinkish and does not work with the floor very well. It would have been nice to coordinate a full remodel all at once, but we didn't have...
  16. Painting
    Anyone can suggest good color combination for our house? I have 3 kids and we want a relax color. Thanks in advance and looking forward for your suggestions. Mark Binar vinyl flooring
  17. Painting
    I went into Sherwin Williams color visualizer and tried different paint choices for the brick. The brick itself is how it currently looks. The color visualizer does not cover the actual brick the paint is more translucent on their site for some reason. But it is a general idea. What color you...
  18. Interior Decorating
    Hi all, I'm decorating my bedroom and am having some difficulty finding the right colors. The walls are a light tan (almost sand) color, and my trim is all white. My bedding is black and white with a box within a box pattern. There's also a ceiling fan which is completely black matte...
  19. Painting
    My wife and I have decided to go with oiled bronze with all our fixtures and hardware in our coomin areas(living room,kitchen). You can see the knobs down the hallway from the common room. Is it common or too wierd to have oiled bronze in doorknobs in the hallway and brushed nickel inside the...
  20. Painting
    Hello, I have a mock tudor style house that I've been in for a few years. I've attached a picture. The exterior color scheme looks a little tired to me and I'd like to paint it to look more modern. The tudor colors are little tacky and it's obviously not a true tudor house. I am totally open to...
1-20 of 28 Results