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  1. Cold Cabin Floor

    General DIY Discussions
    i have a cabin supported by concrete footers, the bottom is completely open to the weather. i insulated the underside with Roxul and Polyiso two years ago. the cabin now heats easily with electric baseboard but the floors inside are still cold. they are pinewood wide board over plywood and...
  2. Cinderblock foundation - is this mold?

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello - we've had a fairly cold and harsh winter and it seems that there is mold forming on the inside of my cinderblock foundation. I'm not entirely sure whether this is mold or maybe a typical reaction to a very cold winter. Here's a link to a picture I took to help illustrate the problem...
  3. LED Motion Security Light Doesn't Work in Cold

    I installed a LED (brand cant remember) motion sensor security light on under my deck last summer. Its worked like a pro, turned on and off when it was supposed to, etc.. But, I noticed when I went out my door one cold nite, say in the mid to low 20's fahrenheit, the auto function seemed to...
  4. Can't Get Enough Cold Water in Shower

    My house is almost 18 years old (including original shower, gas hot water heater, plumbing, etc.). I have been having problems from time to time with the shower in that I can’t get much, if any, cold water from the faucet/shower head. A couple of time I have been able to somewhat remedy the...
  5. Hot water going instantly Cold

    Whenever the shower is running and something as little as the kitchen faucet is turned on the shower water goes instantly cold. Any thoughts on why this might happen?
  6. Can Travertine Pavers be used in Cold areas with strong sun?

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I am exploring using Travertine Pavers on a raised deck. They will be sitting on a grate that is attached to deck joists, so trapped moisture and upheaval will not be a problem. I will have landscaping fabric directly under the travertine to catch sand/polymer/stone dust or what ever I use...
  7. "Hot" is hot and "cold" is hot!

    I have been having a water temperature problem. It affects the entire branch circuit supplying a 1st floor powder room and upstairs bath. The bath has a Kohl_r single handle mixing valve with a separate selector for side spray/shower/both. Both sinks cold supply [up and downstairs] run hot...
  8. Cold air return in the basement

    Hello, I need to take a cold air return in the basement to the floor level. One of the options I was considering is to cut the top plate as shown on the image (stud on the left is missing) and cover the space between the joists with sheet metal for the upper part. For the vertical part of the...
  9. Hot Water Heater Leaking From Top

    We have an older hot water heater that is leaking from the top of the tank onto the floor. Not a lot but enough. Specifically, it is leaking from the cold water intake brass tube, apparently where it hooks up to the tank. Water is apparently leaking into the small little well, fills up, gets...