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  1. Changing sliding closet doors to bifold help

    Windows and Doors
    Hi all! My sister is having a baby so I am helping her finish the projects on her house she has been putting off. The closet in the master bedroom had no doors on it when they moved in but there is a track with some metal hinges (Pictures are in my album) that have been left. We want to install...
  2. Remodel suggestions for awkward closet layout

    Hi everyone I just moved into a condo with a long awkward closet and I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with it. The closet is 18' and runs continuous behind four doors (2 standard doors and 1 pair of french doors). We also have an organization system installed in the closet so the...
  3. Enclosing washer and dryer? Bi-fold doors?

    Windows and Doors
    We have a washer and dryer that are in a "hallway" between our mudroom and our kitchen. The "hallway" also contains a half bath on the opposite side of the washer and dryer. We want to enclose the W&D so they are not visible when guests come over. The doors to the "hallway" are both pocket...
  4. Installing Closet Swinging Doors (Remove drywall + steel corners) ?

    I’m currently planning to install swinging doors for 3 closets in our house. I would need your help and expertise because I have one challenge to overcome. During the construction of our house we asked the contractor not to install closet doors. The closet door openings have been drywalled...
  5. Help with really odd closet doors!

    I'm out of ideas for my master bedroom closet doors. This is a long-term flip, we're hoping to sell in April of '14. Each side opening is exactly 47 inches wide, so currently they're symetrical. The center partition cannot be removed (as far as I know) as it supports the half wall thing above...
  6. Painting closet doors - fiberglass? not wood

    I have these sliding white closet doors, they feel like plastic, maybe they're fiberglass? I'd like to repaint them white, what they best type of paint to use? Spray paint? Latex paint and roll it on? Primer? Also, how do I take it off the track? There is only a top track, no bottom. I...
  7. Replacing closet doors (PICS)

    Building & Construction
    Here is a corner of my closet, it is from a 50's home. I want to put in bypass mirror doors. The current opening is less than 78". I am wondering why this closet was built this way, off the floor. The other closets in the bedrooms are the same way. If I remove the framing of this opening and...
  8. Doors for Wall to Ceiling Cupboard

    Hi, I am building a wall cupboard - 22' wide by 11'6". For the bottom 8' high section I am putting in 5 sections of doors. The sections are 4',4',4',6',4'. I was planning on putting 2 regular hinged doors on each section but someone has suggested sliding doors which would need to be...
  9. Bi-fold door makeover????

    Interior Decorating
    We have old, stained bi-fold louvered closet doors. I bought one new one and started staining it, Gosh! It took forever! Does anyone have any ideas how I can change the old ones, other than painting them? They are good, solid doors~~I just want to re-do them but I don't like the louvers. Any...