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clogged toilets

  1. Son Put Toilet Paper In Toilet Tank

    Hello All, I'm brand new to this forum, so if I've posted this in the wrong place, I apologize. I searched through the threads and didn't find exactly what I'm looking for, so I'll lay out the problem here. The title of my thread pretty much says it all. I walked into the bathroom last night to...
  2. Toilet flushing problems

    We have a fairly new toilet in our home we just recently installed and we are having problems flushing. If no one has used it in a while it will flush just fine but if you flush it again soon after the bowl will just fill up with water and it will not flush. After it has been flushed once we...
  3. Clog at Toilet Drain Hole

    I have a toilet in my hall way that over time will clog up at the drain hole. By this I mean it will work for several days and then suddenly I go to flush and water come out around the base of the toilet. When I remove the bolt and pull the toilet away the drain pipe is clogged. Unlike a...
  4. always clogged toilets, HELP!

    Since we moved in this new home, 3 years ago, the new economic and efficient kind of toilet made by Briggs rarely ever flushes! The water quantity and pressure it's ok, but the toilet outlet it's incredible small, so every day they clog! I have to use a plunger all the time to chop the content...