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  1. ceramic tile vs vinyl click lock planking in basement with flood potential

    we are to the point of flooring our basement. Good concrete slab to work on. We have 2 sump pumps but there is the potential for sump overflowing and flooding the basement with several inches of water. The comercial grade vinyl planking claims it is antibacterial and has a lifetime warranty and...
  2. Suggestions

    Currently we have our original hardwoods exposed but for whatever reason they have plywood in the doorways. The main issue though is that there's paint and what have you on the hardwoods ( I can post an image if necessary. ) We were considering refinishing them but with the time and mess...
  3. Experience with click-lock engineered floor?

    Hi, I'm new to this community, I found it through a google search. I'm working on a couple of home improvement projects, one of them is putting in new flooring in my dining room. I've ripped up the nasty old carpet and padding, hoping to find hardwood underneath. But that didn't happen, it's...