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cleaning brick

  1. Need help on dealing with efflorescence (white) on bricks

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Here is my problem: I live in Queens, NY to give you ideas about my seasonality. About a year ago, a new walkway + stairs was made in front of my house. It is composed from bricks + bluestone slabs on top of them. The bricks are just for support of the structure. Few weeks ago, a crew came in...
  2. Brick haze on brick over slab patio

    Building & Construction
    I have cleaned my brick patio on the 6 year old house I just bought; twice with pressurized water and twice with a 19% solution of muriatic acid. Looks great when wet and even damp but always drys to look covered with a diluted milky haze about the opaqueness of no fat milk mixed with 50%...