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  1. Scissor Lift Battery Charger

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi all, I have an older condor scissor lift with a older lesterelectrical battery charger for the two 12 V batteries that power it. When the batteries are charged it works great. Problem is, it doesn't charge very well. (batteries are new). When I plug in the lift, it shows that it is charging...
  2. Battery Dead Again - Infrequent use, how to store battery ?

    Automotive Repairs
    Hello Everyone - My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee is not driven very often and the battery has had to be replaced twice since 2016. The only drain that I can think of is the alarm system. My question is whether I can simply disconnect the cables and leave the battery in the car - or should it be...
  3. wall charger wiring HELP

    a charger for a flashlight died. now i found another charger or similar output but the plug doesn't match. so, i've cut the dead charger from the wire. here is a photo of the good charger: here is a photo of the "hot" plug and the...
  4. ReUsing Old Phone Batteries Possible?

    Hey, I am looking into making a mini solar charger for the time being, until I make some money to buy new stuff. Plus I like reusing anything if possible. I have a small solar panel used for a pond pump I believe it is about 2.5w possibly. QUESTION: Is it possible to connect multiple portable...