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  1. Carpentry
    Hey, I bought old chairs and try to DIY restore them as much as possible. One chair is a bit more difficult case as it has chipped/split wood in few places. Anyone with advice on how to prevent this chipping further or how to seal it and make it not so visible? Any advice much appreciated...
  2. Building & Construction
    We hung a suspended chair from our attic truss, and are wondering if that was wise. We drilled 3/16 pilot holes and used (2) 1/4 lag screws to hold a D-ring and plate vertically, against the indoor ceiling, so the weight of the swing is held by the integrity of the lag screws thread's hold...
  3. Carpentry
    I am doing a basic redo of our spare bedroom into our new nursery for our daughter coming in August. My wife requested a chair rail to be put in to separate the pink paint (bottom) with the white (top). Looking at the room, it's not a problem except I am stumped on what to do near the windows...
  4. Painting
    I've searched and can't figure out what coating will work best! I recently painted an antique wooden high chair with flat latex paint. I want to put a few coats of *something* over it to make it easy to clean and give it some durability. I finally picked up some polycrylic, but it yellowed...
  5. Project Showcase
    So I'm a noob, but just wanted to post a few pictures of a few cool projects I've been working on. Pretty sweet plank chairs, extremely comfortable and just an overall fun project. Hope everyone likes'em Feed back is appreciated
1-5 of 5 Results