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central vac

  1. central vac venting

    General DIY Discussions
    I have recently purchased an older home with an installed central vac system. The system currently exhausts directly from the machine into the basement. The closest option is to pipe the exhaust into the sewer system fairly close to the main line. Is this a good idea, or are there potential...
  2. Central Vac Wiring

    I just bought a central vac unit that says don't use less than 14-3 wiring. My house was already piped and wired for central vac. Coming out of the wall I have two white wires. Inside each wire is only two small wires (red and green). The instructions say to just hook the low voltage wires...
  3. furnace/ac/thermostat

    Hi, I have a new propane gas furnace installation (we converted from oil). Everything seemed fine, except that the ground fault tripped in a bathroom, they tried the air conditioning, but it will run for a few seconds and then stop and at this time the furnace will turn on. They could not...
  4. Central Vac rough in confusion

    Building & Construction
    I just got a central vac unit and our house is roughed in. As I was hooking it up I relized the top floor is hooked up to the garage (where the unit is). The main floor outlet goes directly to the basement. The two outlets are not connected so I spoke with our builder about it and they said I...