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ceiling height

  1. Help! Short Basement

    So I have a 1980 Wick Panelized home with an unfinished basement that we are completely remodeling. We want to finish the main room but the walls are currently on 7'8". My husband is 6'4". It's a walk out with a steal beam through the main room. What are our options???? Once we get the HVAC...
  2. Increase 1st floor ceiling height & add second story

    Building & Construction
    Hi - We are adding a second story to our house but want to increase our ceiling height from 8 to 9 ft. Our framer is saying we cant do this now... can someone help with options I can talk to him about to get this done! Its something we really wanted done when we started this process
  3. Question on finishing basements with ceilings that are too low for code.

    My basement has ~6'6'' ceilings with beam and duct work that come down to 6'1''. It's clean and dry and feels perfect for a small family room/office space. I'd like to do a full finish with insulated walls, drywall, etc. and I'd like to do the project above board and pull necessary permits for...
  4. Ceiling height

    Building & Construction
    I'm building a pole barn home (2 story). Is a 7'"6" ceiling height ok for the first floor? I live in a very rural area so codes are not an issue here however I am worried about wether or not it will be functional.