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  1. Electrical
    I just put on oil lubricant (a lot I think) on my ceiling fan because it making noise. Right after that then I switched it on and it went well. I turned it off after several hours of running. When I tried to turn it on again, it failed to function properly. On the first try to turn it on again...
  2. Electrical
    Hello, Bought a house with an existing Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, no extra parts, need to make it flush mount for my 6'7" tall husband. Can't figure out how to do this with the existing pole assembly. Can it be done? If so, do I need additional parts? Can I just cut the pole shorter? Model...
  3. Electrical
    How many ceiling fans and/or lights can I hook up to one single pole 15a breaker?
  4. Electrical
    Need to mount ceiling fans to a 3" thick insulated aluminum roof that does not have the fan beams inside. Concerns over leaking and sufficient support topside to prevent pull through?
  5. HVAC
    I am not knowledged on this issue' so I need help with this one! This is a thermostat vs ceiling fan issue! My issue being, when the ceiling fan is in winter circulation. ( should rotate counter clock-wise in the summer (to generate a breeze downward to cool you off) and clock-wise in the...
1-5 of 5 Results