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  1. Electrical
    We bought a home built in the 70's and am working on upgrading some bedroom lighting. Currently, there are no ceiling light fixtures and would like to add a lighted ceiling fan. The existing electrical consists of 4 outlets and one switch that controls the top receptacle at each outlet. I would...
  2. Electrical
    I installed a ceiling fan. While it was running with the light off, the fan popped and sparked. I took the housing down to see what was going on with the wiring. I followed the directions, white to white, ground to ground, black to black and blue (from the fan). There is spot on blue wire...
  3. Electrical
    Ceiling fan does not work whats so ever neither does the light. gfci power outlet is working but trips when i flip any of the 2 switches (fan,light) No Breakers are triggered (all breakers are good) i replaced the switches and nothing.
  4. Electrical
    I have an existing system that operates but is not wired/connected to the switches perfectly. Several questions. I will probably have the electrician come out, but now I am curious about some things that are not addressed in DIY books or on line. Existing Set Up I. Ceiling Fan with Light...
  5. Electrical
    Hello, I recently built a new house and my electrician is gone MIA. For the first year the light to the ceiling fan would delay a few seconds before it would power on. A few days ago it stopped working at all. The ceiling fan would still work but the light does not work after i have tried these...
1-5 of 5 Results