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cedar shakes

  1. Question: Cedar Shake Stain

    Hello. I am a new homeowner and am seeking some advice for prolonging the life of the cedar shake on the side of my house. I have heard conflicting opinions on oil based stain and am hoping someone on here can help guide me. Most of our house is shielded and has maintained it's beautiful...
  2. Cedar siding repair on 90 year old craftsman

    Building & Construction
    We are replacing cedar shingle siding on our 1920s craftsman in southern california. As the shingles are coming off I am noticing that there are quite a few holes in the old and somewhat brittle tar paper felt wrap underneath. However all the paper has skip sheathing nailed over it. What is...
  3. DIY - Vinyl Siding over Cedar Shakes

    Ok so I have cedar shakes and although I painted them last year they are just ugly! There isn't a mold or insect problem, they are just ugly. So, I just want to put vinyl siding up. Please don't discuss personal opinions on vinyl siding. My question/issue is can I put 1" foam seethering...
  4. Properly waterproofing horizontal gable board

    Building & Construction
    My home currently has painted lap board (not sure what species) on all faces, but I am considering breaking up the look with a horizontal board (maybe 2x6?) that would isolate the gables, where I would install cedar shake siding. I imagine the look and color scheme to be very similar to this...