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  1. Electrical
    Hey, I'm trying to work out how to run some CAT6 in my condo (owned). It is a wood framed, single floor unit, with another unit above and below so no access from either and the ceiling is also insulated with fiberglass, though there is still a decent amount of space up there. My current plan...
  2. Electrical
    Hello Everyone, I know that CAT6 can be used as regular phone wire, however I've never done it before and have a couple of questions? Can I terminate the CAT6 with an RJ45 as I would with ethernet? If I'm running the CAT6 to a modular surface mount wall jack or phone junction box, which of...
  3. Electrical
    I have been looking at various CAT6 brands online. I found what seemed to be one that met all the recommended specs, however, not sure if the brand is OK. Does this look OK for residential use? Also it is CMR rated. I planned to run this in smurf tube through walls and ceiling. Wanted to make...
  4. Electrical
    I will be installing CAT6 and would looking for advice on two areas. 1) Are there any issues with running the CAT6 through metal conduit. Not sure if there are any performance issues. I am using metal instead of PVC because I do not want to risk accidental screws/nails puncturing the cable...
  5. Electrical
    I am running CAT6 and wanted to get input on how many cables, per NEC, could be run through a 3/4 hole.
1-5 of 5 Results