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  1. How to Determine Proper Cartridge Replacement for No-Name Brand Pullout Shower Faucet

    Hello Everybody, My first post here on DIY Chatroom! Per my thread title, I have 3 identical single handle, pull out shower faucets in a house built in 1994 that I would like to replace. New cartridges / trim are what I seek...but all three have no obvious brand name, so I am having difficulty...
  2. Need Help. Kohler shower faucet handle not able to turn off the water

    My bathroom has a Kohler Elliston R72783-4-BN single-handle shower faucet and we've been using that for about 4 years. It've been working fine until yesterday. In the middle of shower, the handle got loose and not able to turn off the water. I took out the handle and realized the valve stem...
  3. Shower Mixing Valve Isse

    Hi. I've got a Kohler single-handle shower valve that started acting up a few days ago. You pull it out to turn it on and rotate left/right to change temp. When you turn it on it gets hot but as you turn it back towards cold it stays hot then suddenly gets very cold. (You can also hear the...
  4. Need Help With Faucet Cartridge

    I need to replace a cartridge on a bathroom faucet with a slow drip. I've read that the problem likely comes from the cartridge and that I should bring the cartridge to the store to figure out what brand it is. My question: How do I get the cartridge out? I've gotten to this point: Thanks...
  5. Shower's cold water faucet too sensitive

    Hi All, I have been searching online for days for an answer to fixing my shower to no avail :( I recently renovated my basement bathroom including replacing the shower insert, fixtures and shower head. I have replaced the Waltec seats and cartridges in the hot and cold faucets. I replaced...
  6. Shower Cartridge

    Hi, I have a shower that needs a Cartridge replacement. The shower was installed by the previous owner and therefore I have no information on the model type and there seems to be no other indicator on the shower itself that could guide me. I have attached pictures of both the shower and...
  7. Need help: Broken stem in Moen shower faucet valve cartridge

    Hi there, Here's my first post ever for help, but I really need it! I'll start up front by saying that I learned a ton from the site I was led to from blogs on this diychatroom! (Pages of Rages: Stuck Moen Shower Faucet Cartridge Replacement It's indispensible. I...